Fire-ravaged Crown Industrial building could rise from ashes

The fire on the Oldmixon Industrial Estate. Picture: Bea Sulley

The fire on the Oldmixon Industrial Estate. Picture: Bea Sulley - Credit: Bea Sulley

New plans could see a Weston business-park building ravaged by fire rise from the ashes.

The application, submitted to North Somerset Council, would see the former Crown Manufacturing building in Oldmixon Crescent demolished and replaced with larger commercial building, which would include business, industrial, storage and distribution areas, as well as a restaurant and café.

Hundreds of workers were evacuated from Oakwood Business Park, in Oldmixon, in September 2018, after a fire tore through the two-storey building.

The accidental blaze took a dozen fire crews four hours to get under control and created huge plumes of black smoke which could be seen for miles around.

The new building would have an additional 1,489 sqm compared with the current fire-damaged structure, including additional space on its first floor, while the building’s frontage facing Oldmixon Crescent will be moved forward by three feet to provide a small inner courtyard area between this proposed new unit and the Oakwood building.

The design and planning statement within the proposal revealed the steelwork within the severely fire-damaged building had become warped and twisted, thus the decision was made to rebuild.

It states: “The result of the fire is that the steel-framed portal that runs through the majority of the building has become twisted and warped.

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“Our client has a report confirming this, and a copy has been sent to Jason Beale at North Somerset Council confirming the same.

“When the fire occurred, it was our clients’ intentions to demolish and re-build the premises quickly.

“At the time, contact was made between Mike Tremlett of Graham Moir Associates and North Somerset Council.

“Advice and guidance has been kindly forthcoming. With regret, there have been factors which have delayed matters but we are now in a position to submit this application to demolish the existing building.

“As part of this proposal, our client has seen it as an ideal opportunity to extend the footprint of the building.

“As will be seen throughout this document, consideration has been given to all planning policies which would need to be met for an increase.”