Friends to cycle from Congresbury to Lancaster to raise money

Rik outdoors

Rik outdoors - Credit: Archant

Friends of a Congresbury man who died after a sudden cardiac arrest will cycle from his home to Lancaster.

Karen Martyn-Jones, one of the trip's organisers, worked with Richard Turley, also known as Rik.

He had planned to do the trip, in honour of his friend Cyril, who died after a battle with cancer in 2014 but he passed away on September 10 last year without doing the long journey.

Rik's friends will be raising money for St John's Hospice, in Lancaster - where Cyril received care and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a charity Rik supported.

Karen, who will be driving to Lancaster said: "Rik was an amazing colleague and friend.

"He was also a keen cyclist and loved everything about it.

"When he lost his friend, he wanted to do something to raise money for the hospice that took care of him but he never got the chance to do it.

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"When he passed, we said we would do it for him and his friend.

"His death was a shock to everyone, there's no doubt these next few days will be emotional for his friends and family."

The journey to Lancaster, which takes four hours by car, will be spilt over three days, starting on Saturday (September 7).

They will start their journey at his home in Congresbury, where he lived with his wife and two children, and head to Worchester as their first stop, and Crewe on the second day.

On the last day, they will be heading to the hospice, where they will also meet Rik's family who live there.

His mother, Cynthia Blackhurst, said Rik's death has left a hole in their lives.

She said: "Richard lit up a room when he arrived.

"He gave the best bear-hugs ever and was devoted to Jane and his two children.

"He was close to all the wider family and enriched the lives of those he worked with."

Rik's friend of 14-years, Pete Raistrick said: "There is nothing more Rik would've loved more than his friends cycling.

"It was the love of cycling that brought us together.

"The cyclling will be a challenge but we are all looking forward to doing it together as a group."

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