Dad's train suicide remains a mystery

A DEVOTED father committed suicide by jumping front of a train at Weston railway station - an inquest has heard

A DEVOTED father committed suicide by jumping front of a train at Weston railway station - an inquest has heard.Brian Skinner, of Old Coach Road, Axbridge, died after he jumped in front of the on-coming train watched by a crowd of onlookers.The 45-year-old was single and leaves a seven-year-old daughter Hannah, who it is said he doted upon. He lived with his brother Russell.At an inquest into his death, coroner Brian Whitehouse recorded a verdict of suicide saying there was no obvious reason why he took his life.He said: "This is a tragic story made worse by the fact Mr Skinner kept his problems, which I feel he must have had, very much to himself."He didn't receive or seek any help at all. There is no evidence of his intentions."However, from the evidence I have heard, it leads me in no doubt he intended to take his own life."Reading a statement at Flax Bourton Coroner's Court on Thursday (Oct 26), Mr Skinner's brother, Steven, described him as a 'quiet gentle man, who never had a bad thing said about him'.He said: "He lived in Axbridge all his life and his family was his number one priority. "He liked sport, especially football and fishing, and he attended several Manchester United football games. He had also played darts and skittles locally."Although his relationship with his partner did not work out, he adored Hannah and was supportive of both of them financially and emotionally."Mr Skinner had recently changed jobs before he died on April 24 and was said to be worried about supporting Hannah. He was also suffering from back problems.At the inquest several witnesses described Mr Skinner jumping off the platform onto the tracks in front of the 8.05am train. They said he seemed calm, calculated and showed no intention of moving.Train driver Paul Byrne said: "I applied the emergency brakes and horn as soon as I saw him. I was approximately 30 feet away. As I approached him I looked away and heard a thud-like sound. I felt there was nothing more I could have done and I feel sorry for the man concerned."Mr Skinner died at 8.45am at Weston General Hospital.