Dando appeal judgement reserved

JUDGES have reserved judgement in Barry George s second appeal against his conviction for the murder of Weston s Jill Dando.

JUDGES have 'reserved judgement' in Barry George's second appeal against his conviction for the murder of Weston's Jill Dando.

The former Weston & Somerset Mercury reporter was killed with a single bullet outside her Fulham home on April 26, 1999, aged just 37 years old.

George was sentenced to life imprisonment after he was found guilty by a jury at the trial at the Old Bailey in July 2001.

His lawyer argued the conviction was unsafe because new evidence had come to light that brought doubt over the reliability of the single particle of gunshot discharge residue found on George's coat used as evidence in the first case.

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But the prosecution said it remained 'compelling' and told the court if the appeal was allowed they would seek a retrial.

The hearing lasted three days and was the second challenge over the guilty verdict.

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George will now have to wait to find out if his appeal has been accepted.

The judges did not give a date for the ruling, but told the court they did not think they would be reserving judgement 'for a good length of time'.

*To read more about the case see the Weston & Somerset Mercury.

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