‘Dangerous’ turbine planned for village

A wind turbine could be built in Redhill.

A wind turbine could be built in Redhill. - Credit: Archant

A NORTH Somerset village could become home to a 30ft wind turbine, after North Somerset Council ruled an energy company would not need to submit an environmental impact assessment (EIA) alongside its plans to build the structure.

Farming Energy Solutions has not yet submitted an application for outline planning permission to build the turbine at Highfield Farm, in Redhill, but is now able to prepare the application without submitting an EIA first.

The company was required to submit a screening opinion to the council to determine whether an EIA was necessary due to the height of the proposed turbine.

However, the council has ruled the study will not be needed, as the site’s visual impact could be assessed through ‘normal’ planning regulations.

It said: “It is considered the size and nature of the proposed development is unlikely to lead to a complex range of significant environmental effects, given that only one turbine is proposed.

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“Although the visual impact of the development requires careful consideration and assessment, this can be assessed through the normal planning process.”

Wrington Parish Council, which includes Redhill, has already raised concerns regarding the potential impact of the turbine.

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It said: “Installation at this elevated site would have a considerable negative visual impact on the openness of the green belt, with no overriding benefit to the community.

“The site is also in close proximity to the Bristol Airport runway and the proposed turbine’s height could be considered potentially dangerous to air traffic.”

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