Weston kebab shop where 20 people fought with knives forced to shut down at night

Deniz's Kebab Shop in St James Street has had it's liesence suspended. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Deniz's Kebab Shop in St James Street has had it's liesence suspended. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

‘Lies’ and problems with crime ‘every weekend’ have seen a Weston kebab shop have its licence suspended.

Deniz’s Kebab House, in St James Street, has been rapped by North Somerset Council after falling well short of licensing guidelines, despite repeated attempts to help get the business in order.

Both the council and Avon and Somerset Constabulary raised concerns over licence-holder Huseyin Guldede following ‘continued breaches’ over rules relating to security and alcohol sales in recent weeks and months.

The eatery has had issues with disorder in the past year, and the police have recorded 15 crimes at the venue since March 2018 – most of which involved violence.

The council’s sub-licensing committee met at Weston Town Hall on April 4 and agreed to suspend the takeaway’s licence for three months, meaning no alcohol can be sold and food cannot be served after 11pm.

Committee chairman Felicity Baker said: “Only through the diligence of our police and licensing team, we have discovered every time Mr Guldede tells us something it is actually incorrect.

“That doesn’t give us a lot of confidence with someone who is a liar.”

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Suspicions over the business were aroused in November when police were investigating a ‘serious assault’ and CCTV showed alcohol was being served long after permitted hours.

Police and council licensing officers then discovered Mr Guldede was carrying out his own security duties despite not having appropriate accreditation.

He was instructed to employ accredited door staff immediately, but on three further occasions in January and February he was found working on the door of Deniz’s – only to claim he was being employed through a firm called PPI Security.

But council officers contacted the firm, which swiftly dismissed the notion Mr Guldede had ever even approached the business for staff, let alone been contracted to work for them.

Police licensing officer Andy Jones told the hearing the police had lost confidence in Mr Guldede after ‘blatant non-compliance’, resulting in the force’s request to review the ‘very popular’ venue’s licence.

He said: “It is clear despite trying to give repeated advice and warnings to Mr Guldede, he has repeatedly chosen to blatantly breach his licence and in addition has repeatedly lied to attempt to cover this up.

“I can only go from last weekend. A member of the public says three door staff have pulled him out and he has been punched in the face.

“This is every weekend, and we cannot continue in this format as you are not managing your security properly.

“Since March 10, 2018, there have been 15 crimes reported at the venue, the majority being violent related offences including one where a victim received a broken jaw and one where it was reported 20 people were fighting with knives.

“Crime and disorder is going on week on week. We have come to the end of the road.”

The licence will be reinstated in three months, if a series of conditions relating to security are met.

Mr Guldede’s daughter Ayca argued the suspension was ‘completely unfair’.

She added: “My dad does so much for the community.

“People do come to my dad’s shop and fights do happen.

“He has completely stopped serving alcohol now because it has become a problem.

“We are working really hard to address the issues.

“We promise everything is going to be sorted out.”