Diabetic died after routine eye surgery

A MAN who went for a routine eye operation died when doctors were unable to resuscitate him after surgery.

A MAN who went for a routine eye operation died when doctors were unable to resuscitate him after surgery.Gwillym Thomas, of Selworthy Road, Weston, died at Bristol Eye Hospital on November 28 last year.Mr Thomas, known as Arwyn, could not be brought round from a general anaesthetic despite being given seven adrenalin shots.The 62-year-old diabetic was undergoing a cataract operation on his right eye. He had had a similar operation on his left eye last May and had felt some discomfort under local anaesthetic.The coroner's court in Flax Bourton heard Mr Thomas had suffered a heart attack in 2000 and had angina.Anaesthetist Dr Frances Forrest broke down in tears while telling the inquest how he died.She said: "The general anaesthetic procedure went fine, but it all went wrong at the end. I watched him closely and something did not look right."A cardiac arrest team was called from the neighbouring Bristol Royal Infirmary but doctors were unable to resuscitate Mr Thomas. His sister, Elizabeth Engels, drove from Llanelli in Wales to be at the hearing.She said: "I was devastated. It was such a shock. When the doctor rang to tell me he was dead I thought it was going to be Arwyn to tell me everything was fine."The inquest heard Mr Thomas had signs of severe heart disease which, under the general anaesthetic, could have caused a major reaction.Coroner Paul Forrest recorded a verdict of death by natural causes.He said: "All the procedures had been gone through properly. Mr Thomas suffered from a compromised diseased heart and it took the general anaesthetic to accelerate the death.

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