Dismaland artist covers work in anti-Israel protest

The work of Shadi Al Zaqzoug before he covered it in a protest.

The work of Shadi Al Zaqzoug before he covered it in a protest. - Credit: Archant

A PALESTINIAN artist has covered his work at Banksy’s Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare as an anti-Israel protest.

Shadi Al Zaqzouq has covered his artwork, which was on display in the Tropicana, in a bed sheet which has ‘RIP Gaza: Boycott Isreal’ on it.

The 34-year-old artist grew up in Libya but was expelled with his family and other Palestinian refugees when the Osla Accords – a set of agreements between the Government in Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation aimed at achieving a peace – were signed in 1993.

He returned to Gaza after The Second Intifada, a period of intensified Israeli-Palestinian violence between 2000 and 2005.

Speaking to The Jewish Chronicle Shadi Al Zaqzoug said: “I found out when I arrived at the show that three Israeli artists were taking part.

“I decided I had to protest in some way so I went and got a bed sheet from my hotel room and wrote ‘RIP Gaza: Boycott Israel’ on it in coal and hung it over my artwork and laid down like a corpse in front of my two paintings on display.”

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Security guards removed the Palestinian artist from the site, but his two paintings remain in the exhibition.

One of his two paintings shows a woman holding up male underwear with the Arabic word for ‘leave’ written on it. His second piece shows children throwing coloured rocks and shoes with Muammar Gaddafi in the background depicted as the Joker from Batman.

There are more than 50 artists showcasing their work at Banksy’s exhibition, including three Israeli artists who have work on display at Dismaland, Amir Schiby, Ronit Baranga and Neta Harari Navon.

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