Dismaland in top 10 most photographed locations on Instagram

The stewards at Dismaland.

The stewards at Dismaland. - Credit: Archant

BANKSY’S Dismaland was the fifth most photographed location in the UK outside of London, despite only being open for five weeks.


Photo sharing website Instagram revealed the exhibition, which was held at Weston’s Tropicana, was one of the most photographed attractions in the country.

Its data, collected from the millions of pictures posted on the website, reveals all 10 of the most photographed sites in the UK are in London.

But outside of London, Dismaland was the fifth most photographed attraction during 2015.

The temporary art exhibit curated by Banksy became the focus of global attention when it was opened in August.

It included new works by the street artist, and more than 50 other artists, including Damien Hirst.

Brighton Pier was the most photographed location outside of London in 2015, followed by Stonehenge, Reading Festival and Old Trafford.

Twickenham Stadium, the University of Oxford, Wimbledon, Thorpe Park and the University of Cambridge made the list.

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Instagram does not release exact figures for the number of times pictures of an attraction featured on the website.