Dogging bobby - whistleblower cops free holiday

THE mum who blew the whistle on the dogging copper Darren Lumber went on an all inclusive holiday with her children courtesy of the police

THE mum who blew the whistle on the dogging copper Darren Lumber went on an all inclusive holiday with her children - courtesy of the police.The woman, who still does not wish to be named, has revealed to the Weston & Somerset Mercury that they were whisked away from her home on the outskirts of Weston, to a secret holiday location by officers the day after her story hit the national headlines.Once there the police treated her and her children to a week's free food and accommodation.The mum, who says she used to be 'a boring housewife' became famous back in September when she described in an exclusive interview with the Mercury how beat bobby PC Darren Lumber tried to lure her into a sordid sex act when she was out with marine friend Tom Sharpe in a car park in Sand Bay.The incident took place in December 2005 when Lumber was called to reports of dogging, when people watch each other have sex in public, in the National Trust owned car park.It was claimed that when he approached the woman and Tom, he asked them to move to a quiet location so he could join in.Police were said to have been alerted when the marine bragged to friends about the shocking affair.Former Wyvern Community School pupil Lumber, aged 35, was then given the boot by Avon and Somerset Police after a disciplinary hearing for what Chief Constable Steve Mortimer called 'disgraceful' behaviour.It is thought he then took a security job at Bristol International Airport.Speaking exclusively to the Mercury this week the mum, who is in her 30s and now working as a nurse in a residential home, described how police drove her to her holiday destination after the national press descended on her doorstep.She said: "The police officers supported me 100 per cent."They took me and my children off for a holiday for a week to get away from it all."One morning I woke up and there were people from nine newspapers outside."The Trisha Show phoned me and asked if I wanted to go on the show."Comedian Russell Brand phoned me himself and said he wanted me to go on his show."I went from a boring housewife to fame. I could have been famous for my two minutes in a car park. But I still do not want people who know me to recognise me from a news story."This week the Weston & Somerset Mercury learnt that father-of-three Mr Lumber has dropped his appeal against the ruling to sack him.Shortly after the story broke last year, an Avon and Somerset Police Federation spokesman said the former copper, who was appointed as the beat manager for Kewstoke, Wick St Lawrence and Puxton in 2004, was going to appeal against his dismissal.But a federation spokesman told the Mercury this week: "Mr Lumber has given it careful consideration and decided to get on with his life considering the publicity the case attracted."When the mother who gave evidence against Lumber heard the news she added: "I think it is brilliant as it proves he is guilty. What he put me and my family through was horrible."He was a copper and we were supposed to trust him. I just think this latest news is him admitting he was guilty after everything."If he was innocent he would keep going. He would want his name cleared."People have said to me 'he would never have done that' and now it's like he's admitted it."He lost his job because of a stupid mistake. Now I want to put it all behind me."In another exclusive interview this week the Weston & Somerset Mercury spoke to Darren's step-mother, Molly Lumber, who says the former PC who she says always dreamed of being a police officer, is being forced to flee and live in the Yorkshire area.But the Weston & Somerset Mercury believes the disgraced copper, who was known to colleagues as 'Lumper Lumber' has been living with his wife and children in Elm Tree Road in Locking.A neighbour in the village confirmed to the paper that she has seen Mr Lumber with his wife and two children at the house recently.Molly Lumber, aged 64, has been married to Darren's dad Michael for 20 years.She said: "Darren phoned me and thanked me for supporting him when he went into hiding last year."He said he would come and see us but never has. I heard he has sold his house and is going to live up North."My husband went round to see him just before Christmas as he was packing up and moving out."He couldn't take anymore so that's why he's moving with his wife and two youngest children. Darren can start a new life now and put everything behind him."It must be hard to live with something like that once it is in the papers and in the public eye."If I were him I would have kept fighting it but as he has a wife and children he has to put them first."I wish him luck and hope he can put everything behind him and enjoy life."A police spokesman said: "Following the dismissal of a police officer from Avon and Somerset Constabulary, a woman who gave evidence to the disciplinary hearing was subjected to intense national and local media attention. In these exceptional circumstances, media surrounded her house for 24 hours."The woman's children were in the house and in order to shelter them from this stressful situation, police arranged for them to be moved to a place of safety."Given the number of children involved and our duty of care to witnesses, the most appropriate and cost-effective accommodation was provided. The family, including the woman's partner, stayed there for a total of three days, until the media interest had died down.

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