Dogging scandal - woman tells all

A WESTON mother has told the Weston & Somerset Mercury how a policeman tried to lure her into a sordid sex act

A WESTON mother has told the Weston & Somerset Mercury how a policeman tried to lure her into a sordid sex act.The distraught mother, who does not wish to be named, claimed she had been out with a marine friend for the evening when she was approached by PC Darren Lumber in a car park in Sand Bay at about 8pm on December 30.She said he walked up to the car and said: "I'm not here to move you on. I'm here if you need me. Carry on and if you'd like assistance flash your lights."He then drove out of the car park and turned round and parked with the headlights full on the couple's car.The woman, who is in her 30s, said: "We flashed the lights to see what he was up to and then he parked on the driver's side of our car and then I got out to ask what he wanted."He replied he had something waiting if I was interested. I got back in the car and spoke to my friend. We were both surprised."The police officer then suggested we follow him round the back of the toilets."I said no as I was seriously frightened about what he intended to do and he suggested we follow him somewhere quieter."I thought that he had taken our number plate, and wasn't sure what he would do so we decided to follow him. He led us to another car park about 10 minutes drive away but still in the Sand Bay area."When we arrived at the second car park I asked what was supposed to happen and he said we should carry on and have sex as he usually watches and then joins in.""My friend had phoned his pals on his mobile to tell them what was happening on the way to the second car park. At the car park Mr Lumber climbed into the driver's side, my friend was on the passenger side and I was in the middle of them both."He expected my friend to have sex with me while he was sat in the driver's seat. After that my friend was outside the car and I was knelt on the passenger's seat with my trousers down and we pretended to have sex. The policeman masturbated while we did so."When it all finished the policeman got out and told my friend his name and phone number so it could happen again."I was horrified at the time and have tried to block it out since. If I thought about it, it would destroy my life and my family. I'm glad he's been sacked.