Drug dealers must hand over £65,000

TWO drug dealers who were convicted of conspiring to supply class A drugs have been ordered to pay £65,000 between them

TWO drug dealers who were convicted of conspiring to supply class A drugs have been ordered to pay £65,000 between them.At a hearing at Bristol Crown Court last week, a confiscation order for £30,627 was granted against Vikesh Tailor.On the same day the court ordered a confiscation order against Carl Tailor to the value of £35,932.Vikesh Tailor, aged 23, from Backwell and Carl Peter Tailor, aged 28, from Withywood, were both arrested in November 2006 by officers from Atrium at Bristol International Airport. A warrant was also executed at Farleigh Road, Backwell, on November 3, 2006 where more than £313,000 drugs including cocaine and crystal MDMA were seized and more than £50,000 in cash.On May 2, 2007, Vikesh Tailor and Carl Tailor were both sentenced to nine years imprisonment after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.Following the granting of the confiscation order, Vikesh and Carl Tailor, who are cousins, must pay more than £65,000 between them.If they fail to do so they will face a further 18 months imprisonment and will still owe the money.Under the Proceeds of Crime Act police can seize funds to the value a person benefited from crime.Dr Kirstie Cogram, from the force's financial investigation units, said: "It is important that criminals operating across our force area are not able to enjoy the profits from their criminal activities."If you are funding your lifestyle through crime, whether lavish or not, we can, and will put you before the court in order to confiscate all your assets."We can not only charge you with a crime and put you before the courts where you could face a substantial prison sentence, but we can also take away all your assets.

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