Drugs sold outside school - claim

DRUGS are being sold to children in broad daylight outside Nailsea School and in the town's shopping precinct, a resident claims

DRUGS are being sold to children in broad daylight outside Nailsea School and in the town's shopping precinct, a resident claims.The allegation that schoolchildren were being given illegal substances in exchange for money was made at a recent meeting of Nailsea Local Action Team (LAT).Members of the group expressed concern at the claims that drug deals were taking place outside the town's secondary school, 'just yards from the police station'.Afterwards, the resident, who has asked to remain anonymous, told the North Somerset Times that children were also buying drugs in the town's precinct on their way to school. The resident, who claims drug dealing has been going on in the two locations for at least 18 months, says he has reported his observations to the police but the criminal activity is still taking place. He added: "A car is often parked near Nailsea School at around 3pm when the kids are coming out."I've seen drugs being handed over and money changing hands within 50 yards of the school gate on four or five occasions."The youngsters involved are probably around 14 or 15 years old."I've also seen schoolchildren being sold drugs in the precinct on their way to school. "I've reported what I've witnessed to the police, but I've never seen any police officers observing what's going on."A spokesman for Nailsea School said: "We are unable to confirm at this time whether the incidents have occurred as reported."We thank the resident for alerting the police to their suspicions and are sure that they will be investigated fully. "We work in close partnership with the police and the local community because the health and safety of young people is of paramount importance to us."An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said: "We deal positively with any intelligence that relates to drug supply and in particular that relating to the supply of drugs to young and vulnerable people. "For reasons of privacy and to protect future police operations, we are unable to comment on any individual allegation."We welcome the public's support in our battle against illegal drug dealing in the North Somerset policing district and would welcome any information they may have. People with information should contact Weston-super-Mare CID on 0845 4567000.

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