Dumped poo poisons cows

PUBLISHED: 08:00 10 July 2015

A cow.

A cow.


ONE farmer was left 'infuriated' when two of his cows had to have their calves aborted after three bin bags full of dog poo were dredged out of a ditch.

Councillors at Kewstoke Parish Council’s meeting on Monday were left slightly bemused by the situation when the council’s clerk, Colin Hill, reported the incident.

The main rhyne leading to the sea in Kewstoke had been cleared by the drainage board, but the greenery left on the verge was hiding three large bags of dog poo which had also been dragged out.

The bags were therefore left out in the open in a field where councillor Russell Adams keeps his cows.

Speaking at the meeting Mr Hill said: “Cllr Adams had two cows that were in calf and they got diseased and they had to be aborted.

“We went along the river bank and we found these bags of dog poo.

“There were three big bin bags full of dog muck.

“I was racking my brain trying to think how this could have possibly happened.

“It has obviously been collected, and then just dumped.

“This is very bad news.”

Councillors noted how the waste could have been put in the rhyne by kennels or camp sites in the area and called for stronger sanctions to be put in place for fly-tipping.

Cllr Adams said: “I was infuriated.

“I have got young cows in the same field who I want to breed from.

“If they are licking that they will get diseased and I won’t be able to breed from them.”

The parish council has since sent a letter to North Somerset Council’s environmental health team to ask for advice.

It says: “The main rhyne to the sea had been ketched and the bags with greenery put on the side of the rhyne – which was normal practice.

“Once the greenery had died away, the dog mess was open to the elements and at least two of the cows in the field had contact with the mess, which resulted in serious medical problems for the animals.

“Cllr Adams reported, worryingly, that this problem had also occurred last year and because of this he got the vet to test the animals. It was clear dog mess was the cause.”

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