Chicken farm asked to reduce numbers after bad smell

Newbridge Farm

Newbridge Farm - Credit: Archant

A controversial chicken farm has been told it must reduce its numbers again because it is stinking out the village.

Newbridge Farm, in East Huntspill, has garnered a lot of attention for the foul smell left behind by the chickens.

The Environment Agency has asked the farm owners to reduce the number of birds to 133,500.

It asked the owners to do the same last year from 312,500 to 192,000.

Between March 2017 and last summer, the agency had received 160 complaints about the odour from the site.

It is hope is by reducing the numbers, the pungent smell will lessen.

A petition to urge Sedgemoor District Council to close the industrial farm, which is owned by Hook 2 Sisters, was launched last year and has been signed by 2,300 people.

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Campaigners are continuing in their efforts to reduce the number of sheds used to stock the chickens.

They are also calling on the farm’s owners to install filters and scrubbers to reduce the odour.