Air raid warden relays war experience to children

A FORMER World War Two air raid warden visited Ashcombe Primary School to teach children about safety procedures during the war.

Bob Gibbons, from Weston, visited two year five classes and gave them a talk about what it was like to live through air raids.

All 60 children aged nine-10-years-old dressed up as evacuees and were shown an old newspaper from the era about the Nazi bombing raids.

Teacher Stuart Goodhand said the children have been singing old war songs like ‘run rabbit’ and ‘the Lambeth walk’ since the visit.

They have also done follow-up work on the history and will be visiting a war museum in Swindon next week.

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Mr Goodhand said: “They gained a lot of experience from the visit. It is important they understand a lot of different aspects of the war.”

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