Children’s message: ‘Don’t drink-drive’

ANTI drink-driving posters designed by children at a Somerset school have been put up in Cheddar and Axbridge pubs.

Year six pupils from Fairlands Middle School took part in a competition organised by PCSO Matt Hawker of Cheddar Police to hammer home the message not to drink and drive over Christmas and New Year.

The posters will be displayed over the festive period by all Cheddar and Axbridge Pub Watch members.

PCSO Hawker said: “The pupils of Fairlands Middle School have illustrated the consequences of drink-driving really well, showing that even though they are too young to drink or drive they are already aware not to combine the two.

“We find that drivers often underestimate the amount of alcohol that it takes to be over the limit, this is mainly due to the fact that there are many contributing factors that will affect the amount of alcohol that is in the blood stream.

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“These factors can lead to drivers being over the limit from just a small amount of alcohol. As a result our advice is not to drive even after just one drink.”

This initiative coincides with the forcewide police campaign Operation Tonic, the aim of which is to remove drink-drivers from the roads of Avon and Somerset.

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