Cloud ranger leads learning revolution

A WESTON academy is looking to revolutionise the way children learn after it installed a shared internet system to help pupils and teachers communicate.

Hans Price Academy, in Marchfields Way, brought in a system which lets pupils share work between school and home, receive instant feedback from teachers online and shows parents homework deadlines.

It means pupils can start pieces of work at school, then pick up where they left off at home by logging in. But pupils can also receive constant feedback from teachers through learning conversations, described as a ‘Facebook report card’.

Teacher Adrian Esch said: “I can put a comment on a piece of work which others can see, then the pupil can reply to me once they have changed it, then I can reply back.

“It’s a constant dialogue and it is directly improving the standard of their work.”

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Pupils can also track their progress by seeing a table of their current grades.

Mr Esch said “It has really motivated the students and they are consistently achieving merits and distinctions, equivalent to As and Bs.”

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Pupils can also ask teachers questions over the internet by clicking on their teacher’s name and filling out a form with their query, which the teacher can reply to, even outside of school hours.

A homework board shows parents and pupils see deadlines for assignments.

Mr Esch said: “I was sceptical at first, but homework rates have really gone up.”

The academy took on Jayne Lawley as a ‘cloud ranger’ to help run the system.

She said: “It is a system which benefits both pupils and teachers and help them work together.

“For example, with group work you can have two or three pupils work on a document together and the teacher can see exactly who inputted which sentences.”

Principal Armando Di-Finizio said: “It helps me get an overview of what is going on in the whole school. We want to share information across the whole federation and create a learning cloud.

“The future is shared minds and shared resources and this helps us achieve that.”

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