Priory's founding headteacher revisits school to donate his war book to library

Priory Learning Trust CEO Nathan Jenkins, with the school's first headteacher Arthur Spencer (Left).

Priory Learning Trust CEO Nathan Jenkins, with the school's first headteacher Arthur Spencer (Right). - Credit: Priory Learning Trust

A 101-year-old founding headteacher of Priory Community School Academy revisited after 47 years to present his book on World War Two to the school's library. 

Arthur Spencer was Priory's first headmaster in 1975 when the school was founded.

Around 20 years ago, he authored a pamphlet titled 'An Interesting War' on his experiences as a bomber navigator in one of the famous Lancaster Bombers in the early 1940s. 

His eldest granddaughter has also printed the pamphlet as a book.

Arthur presented 'An Interesting War' to the CEO of Priory Learning Trust, Nathan Jenkins, where it will be available for children to read in the school's library. 

Mr Jenkins said: "It was a delight to meet Arthur and to receive his fascinating book on World War Two.

"It will now be a treasured part of our PCSA library."

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In 2017, Priory School unveiled its new £2.5million state-of-the-art science centre named after Arthur. It is one of best science facilities for students in the country.

When he was headmaster, a young journalist would visit Arthur to report on the school's latest news for The Mercury, her name was Jill Dando. 

In memory of the TV icon, Jill Dando News was formed at PCSA at the turn of the new millennium, along with many other schools in Somerset to continue on her journalistic legacy.