Former Worle student finds time capsule left by current maths teacher 50 years ago

Teachers and students inspect the time capsule at Worle School, Weston.

Teachers and students inspect the time capsule. (L-R) COO at Priory Learning Trust Mark Antoine, students Kaitlyn and Lewis, Charlotte Antoine and maths teacher at Worle Laura John. - Credit: WCSA

A former student at Worle Community School Academy uncovered a time capsule during home renovations, only to find it was placed there by a current teacher at the school more than 50 years ago.

Charlotte Antoine found the tin time capsule, filled with mementos and family photos, in the sitting room at her new house near the school.

Her father, Mark Antoine, is coincidentally chief operations officer at The Priory Learning Trust - which runs the school - and former business manager at Worle.

When inspecting the capsule, Mark recognised one of the photos as current long-serving maths teacher Laura John, who placed it behind a brick when she lived in the house as a young girl in the 1960s and 1970s.

In the tin was also a copy of apparel company Freeman's catalogue, said to be in pristine condition.

Charlotte and Mark then presented the capsule to Laura at the school to discuss the items and exchange fond memories. 

They were all interviewed by student reporters Lewis and Kaitlyn, both aged 14, from Jill Dando News at Worle.

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Laura said: "It was so wonderful to see these old items that we put there so long ago.

"Worle is such a wonderful community school and it brought back so many happy memories of the school during the 1970s."

Laura's mother also taught at Worle School before retiring.

Student reporter Lewis said: "Laura's favourite part of the whole story was being able to see the lights on at her old home and know there's another happy family enjoying her home as much as she did when she was growing up. 

"It is so heart warming to see her reunited with her time capsule and knowing that such a lovely lady will be enjoying the house from now on."

Jill Dando was a former student at Worle School in the 1970s before she rose to become one of Britain’s most well-known TV journalist.

Now more than 100 reporters across The Priory Learning Trust find good school news in her memory.