Mum blames council for 'isolating' her six-year-old son with no school place

PUBLISHED: 10:00 31 October 2016

Zoe Baines and her 6-year-old son, who has not been allocated a school placement by NSC.

Zoe Baines and her 6-year-old son, who has not been allocated a school placement by NSC.


A six-year-old boy from Weston-super-Mare without a school place has been 'socially isolated' and 'failed' by North Somerset Council, according to his mother.

Ethan Moss, a former pupil at Castle Batch Primary School in Worle, has ADHD and was recommended for specialist education earlier this year, but with the school year already eight weeks old he still does not have a place in full-time education.

Ethan’s mother Zoe Baines, aged 39 and of Greenhill Close, believes her son has been ‘left behind’ by the council, which is responsible for finding him a placement.

She said Ethan was recommended for two specialist schools in North Somerset, but found one was not suitable for his needs. The other – Little Acorns in Weston – however was ‘ideal’ but the department suitable for Ethan was subsequently closed.

Ms Baines says she was not informed of this until late August, on the eve of the school year – more than a month after she was told Ethan’s application had been accepted.

Ms Baines believes the council could be doing more. She said: “Ethan feels like an outcast.

“He is legally obliged to be in some kind of education, but it’s the local education system that’s denying him a full-time education.”

Ethan currently receives just four hours of classroom education a week at the Voyage Learning Campus.

Ms Baines added: “He’s been told by the authorities he needs more help with his ADHD and full-time education support but he’s not getting it.”

“He’s going to struggle mentally – it’s going to stunt his growth and personality.”

A spokesman for the council said: “Our Vulnerable Learners’ Service is working with the family to find a suitable education placement that is able to meet Ethan’s needs.

“We appreciate this is a challenging time for the family and are keeping them informed at each stage.”

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