Pupil's plea leads school to ban fad toy fidget spinners

PUBLISHED: 16:00 10 May 2017 | UPDATED: 11:38 11 May 2017

Fidget spinner.

Fidget spinner.

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A North Somerset school has banned fidget spinners - the latest craze in the classroom - from lessons after a pupil pleaded in a letter to the headteacher.

Churchill Academy has banned the stress-relieving toy, which is designed to help people with conditions like autism and ADHD to concentrate, as they are in fact distracting students in lessons.

Fidget spinners have become the latest playground craze, which has seen children rushing to toy shops to buy the sought-after toys.

A year seven pupil sent an anonymous letter to headteacher Chris Hildrew, arguing fidget spinners ‘are a disruption to me and other people in my class’ and students are ‘queuing up’ to use them.

The pupil added: “They are noisy and when you try to focus on your work all you can hear is it spinning round and round.

“You kind of get attracted to it because they are trying to do tricks with them and everyone else is looking at it.

“That means I am not trying my hardest on my work so I get less done.

“I think they should be banned from lessons. I think this would help people focus and get the best out of their lessons.”

Mr Hildrew responded by confirming on social media that the toy had been banned from classrooms, and would be confiscated if misused.

In the school newsletter, Mr Hildrew wrote: “There is a new craze for fidget spinners which many students are bringing into school.

“They are noisy, distracting and disruptive to learning.

“If they are seen in lessons they will be confiscated.”

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