Pupils lobby council over recycling

GREEN-MINDED pupils across the district are lobbying the council to pick up more of their recycling.

Spearheaded by Worle Community School, the campaign has received support from hundreds of other students across the area.

The initiative to start a petition asking North Somerset Council to arrange for collections of plastic and glass came about following a meeting of the Eco Schools representatives at the Redwing Drive site.

Head of media studies and Worle School eco project member Sarah Vass said: “One pupil said at the October meeting that it doesn’t make sense that we have to recycle at home and yet lots of our rubbish from school goes straight to landfill.

“Although it was a concern I had shared for some time, as I listened more and more to the young people in this group it became clear how much of an issue this had become to them.

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“Annoyance, frustration and concern dominated our meeting.

“Our students felt strongly enough to let the council know their concerns and to do something about it.

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“They decided that they wanted other schools to be involved and during November recruited Christ Church, Oldmixon and Winscombe primary and Baytree special schools, which all have students equally concerned and committed to this issue.

“They were busy collecting signatures of hundreds of young people during December.”

The council was planning to meet and discuss the issue in December, but due to the snow and early closures at the end of last term, the school was unable to get the petitions there on time.

Council representatives have offered to meet with young people throughout the year to discuss recycling and other issues regarding being a more sustainable school.

Ms Vass added: “This is a wonderful opportunity for these young people, being able to be involved in their community and seeing their ideas listened to and possibly put into action.”

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