Parents 'blown away' as charity buys personalised gifts for entire school

Windwhistle Primary students with their Christmas gifts.

Parents were contacted by Windwhistle Primary to give their child's wish-list for the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust to gift each student with a surprise present. - Credit: Windwhistle Primary School

Around 400 Weston primary school students received surprise presents from a charity trust before breaking up for Christmas.

The Windwhistle Primary School was handed the donation by Grand Pier director, Michele Michael on behalf of the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust (AMCT).

The trust was founded in memory of businessman, Axentis Michael, who died in 2003 - and it has since raised and donated more than £1.5million for people in and around Weston.

Michelle Michael.

Michelle Michael. - Credit: Archant

AMCT trustee, Michelle Michael revealed the thought process behind the surprise handouts - with the coronavirus pandemic playing a significant role.

Ms Michael said: “The trustees recognised that, in the wake of the pandemic, children would be affected greatly, especially those who were already experiencing difficult circumstances.

"We thought it was fitting to focus this year on the very young and to provide them with some Christmas gifts so that they can enjoy the magic of this special time of the year with their families.”

Rather than donating a pile of presents, the trust decided to set a budget of £20 per child and arrange for Windwhistle to contact parents asking for each student's wish-list.

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"The children had no idea what was happening – the wish-list was then returned to the trust, which then purchased the presents.

“Members of the Grand Pier team have given up their time to wrap all the gifts and write individual messages, as well as donate the wrapping paper and tags.

"The Grand Pier also presented each child with a box of chocolates."

The primary's headteacher revealed that parents were 'blown away' by the gesture.

Santa delivers presents for children at Windwhistle Primary School on behalf of the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust.

Santa delivers presents for children at Windwhistle Primary School on behalf of the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust. - Credit: Windwhistle Primary School

Lyn Hunt said: “We are extremely grateful to the Axentis Michael Charitable Trust for these amazingly generous gifts for every child at Windwhistle Primary School.

“It was so lovely to see the children's excited faces when Father Christmas delivered a large sack of presents to the door of each classroom.

“The parents were blown away by the generosity of the trust, it is such a lovely gesture.”

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