Everything you need to know about North Somerset elections 2019


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In just seven days time we will all be out voting to decide who will be the councillors to represent us at district, town and parish council level.

North Somerset Council elections take place every four years and so there may be some questions you have about how the process works, so to help the Mercury has produced a short guide to make it as easy as possible.

When are elections taking place in 2019?

Local elections will be held on May 2.

Polling stations will open at 7am and close at 10pm.

Are elections taking place in my area?

Every single North Somerset Council ward is up for grabs, with the 50 members all needing to seek re-election if they wish to remain in their position come May 3.

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So, in simple terms, if you live in North Somerset, there is a vote taking place.

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To complicate matters, there are parish and town council elections happening on the same day - but not everywhere.

While all town and parish council members have to be chosen again next week, because there are not enough candidates everywhere, only a few town and parish councils need to hold elections.

These are:

* Weston Bournville

* Weston Central

* Weston Hillside

* Weston Mid-Worle

* Weston Milton

* Weston North Worle

* Weston South Worle

* Weston Uphill

* Weston Winterstoke

* Weston Worlebury

* Yatton Horsecastle

All other wards will have solely North Somerset Council elections.

Can I still register to vote?

No, the deadline to apply to vote has passed.

Do I need to take a polling card to vote?

No, but it will quicken the process if you do as it will help people at the polling station identify you more quickly.

Which polling station do I need to go to?

If unsure, the Where Do I Vote? website can tell you which polling station you need to go to.

How many people can I vote for in the North Somerset Council elections?

Each ward has a different number of councillors to represent it, based on an area’s population.

For example, in Congresbury & Puxton and Weston Mid-Worle wards, there is only one North Somerset councillor. But for Weston Hillside and Yatton there are two.

Information about how many people you can vote for will be available at your polling station.

When will the results be declared?

Unlike parliamentary elections, the votes will not be counted up overnight on May 2. Instead counters will be at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, in Weston-super-Mare, on May 3 at 9.30am. The town and parish council counts will follow.

We will be reporting live from the counts on May 3, so make sure you keep a track of our website for all the latest results.

What is the current make-up of North Somerset Council?

There are 36 Conservative councillors, five independents, one Green Party, four Labour councillors and four Liberal Democrats.