Election promises on crime, roads, rubbish and rehabs

THE people of North Somerset were buoyed by a myriad of promises, pledges and guarantees as councillors old and new were elected into Weston

THE people of North Somerset were buoyed by a myriad of promises, pledges and guarantees as councillors old and new were elected into Weston Town Hall.Roads, rubbish, council tax and crime are all issues candidates promised they would tackle in the leaflets pushed through the letterboxes of households across the Weston area.And the Weston & Somerset Mercury has made its own promise - to watch the newly-elected councillors and track whether or not they deliver results on the issues they promised to deal with.So far, 43 Conservative councillors have been voted onto North Somerset Council, with three seats in North Worle still to be contested.Conservatives canvassed the area promising to create safer communities and repair roads. Candidates in the Weston West ward promise to fight the possibility of fortnightly rubbish collections - a fear that became a key election issue.In a leaflet posted to homes in Milton and Old Worle, the Tories say: "The Conservatives promise stronger support to help our police tackle the problem of drug-related crime, assaults and theft in Weston."They support the Cleaner Weston campaign for a crackdown on unregistered rehabs and unlicensed, overcrowded housing."The Conservatives would bring some common sense back to local housing, give priority to Weston residents and their families, and free up resources and homes currently supporting the homeless and addicts from outside the area."Liberal Democrat councillors voted into the South Worle ward singled out crime, roads, council tax and junction 21 of the motorway as the issues they will focus on.In the Lib Dems' election leaflets, Councillor Edward Keating says his party has a plan for beating the problem of youths gathering outside people's homes. He says: "Our action plan for South Worle will ensure homeowners can easily purchase the small spaces around their homes from the council or the housing associations."Residents can then extend their gardens with extra fencing and the youths will no longer gather there."Labour councillors once again won over the Weston South ward, promising in all their election literature to work for the people of the estates, using the £3.7million of Government money awarded to the South Ward Neighbourhood Management Board to make improvements to parks and community spaces, shopping areas, children's facilities and access to employment opportunities.* Last week the Conservative party has pledged to fully support the Barcode youth cafe in South Parade, Weston.Conservative town council group leader Keith Morris said the party is fully behind the project.

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