Election: Town council shock results

PUBLISHED: 16:59 06 May 2011 | UPDATED: 16:59 06 May 2011

Ballot box

Ballot box


THERE may not have been many shocks in the district council elections but there were plenty when the results were announced for Weston Town Council.

The Tories retained their majority but lost six seats following yesterday’s vote – including some long-standing and senior councillors.

In total, the Conservatives won 16 seats, the Liberal Democrats increased their seats from five to seven, and the Labour party made the biggest gain of five seats, bringing their share up to eight.

Among the shock changes, Conservative town council leader Pauline Priestman lost her seat, along with fellow Tories Dawn Parry, Chris Kimitri and Mike Kellaway-Marriott.

Standing as an independent, John Ley-Morgan was also deposed of his Broadoak & Uphill seat, and Tory Jos Holder – who was due to become Weston’s new mayor this month – also lost out in the vote.

Only 10 of the 31 councillors will remain the same, including Liberal Democrat leader Mark Canniford who retained his Grove ward seat, Tory and deputy town council leader Clive Darke and current mayor Phil Judd.

Central ward saw its elected representatives change from two Conservatives to Lib Dems, and in Earlharm ward the Tories lost out again to two Labour candidates.

See below for a full list of the Weston Town Council results ward-by-ward:

ASHCOMBE WOOD: Raymond Armstrong (Lib Dem) 602 elected; Oliver Ballard (Lab) 220; Robert Craig (All the South) 121; John Crockford-Hawley (Lib Dem) 736 elected; Stephen Fudge (Con) 494; Dawn Parry (Con) 561; Elizabet Wastlund (Lab) 154.

BIRNBECK: Chris Kimitri (Con) 305; Robert Payne (Lib Dem) 340 elected; Stephen Varney (Lab) 116.

BLEADON HILL: Peter Fox (Con) 443 elected; Hamish Macdonald-Fraser (Lib Dem) 101; June Parker (Lab) 128.

BOURNVILLE & CORONATION: John Carter (Con) 265; June How (Lib Dem) 157; Simon Stokes (Lab) 679 elected; Roseana Warwick (Lab) 696 elected; Amanda Wilkinson (Lib Dem) 185; Stephen Williams (Con) 182.

BROADOAK & UPHILL: Jeffrey Alen (Lib Dem) 189; Roger Bailey (Con) 623 elected; David Gilbert (Lib Dem) 256; Simon Harrison-Morse (Lab) 221; John Ley-Morgan (Ind) 576, Keith Morris (Con) 601 elected; Bryan Trotter (Lab) 203.

CASTLE BATCH: Roger Howard Brown (Con) 133; Peter Hardaway (Lib Dem) 246, Sonia Russe (Con) 320 elected, Lisa Youlton (Lab) 194.

CENTRAL: Geoffrey Bunn (Con) 305; David Drinkwater (Lab) 205; Mike Kellaway-Marriott (Con) 339; Clare Kingsbury-Bell (Lib Dem) 486 elected; Fred Roberts (Lab) 209; Holly Young (Lib Dem) 390 elected.

CLARENCE: Jose Bateman (Lab) 218; Brian Pike (Lib Dem) 227; Clive Webb (Con) 469 elected.

EARLHAM: Malcolm Brown (Lib Dem) 266; Will Collins (Con) 533; David Cordingley (Lib Dem) 259; Michael Lyall (Lab) 635 elected; Pauline Priestman (Con) 489; Richard Tucker (Lab) 698 elected.

EBDON: Darius Foster (Lab) 166; Jan Holloway (Con) 366 elected; Richard Skinner (Lib Dem) 126.

ELLENBOROUGH: Mike Bell (Lib Dem) 199 elected; Annabelle Chard (Lab) 99; Jos Holder (Con) 197.

EWART: Mark Johnston (Lib Dem) 119; David Power (Con) 183; Tim Taylor (Lab) 232 elected.

GROVE: Mark Canniford (Lib Dem) 295 elected, Brenda Charles (Con) 188; Deborah Hooper (Lab) 77; Harold James (UK Ind) 63.

HUTTON MOOR: Catherine Gibbons (Lab) 455; Keith Harrison (Lib Dem) 299; Len Purnell (Con) 517 elected.

MEAD VALE: Dorothy Agassiz (Lab) 265; Christopher Howell (Lib Dem) 331; Michal Kus (Con) 410 elected.

MILTON: Michael O’Regan (Lab) 192; Norman Sycamore (Lib Dem) 224; Roz Willis (Con) 369 elected.

OLDMIXON: Bob Dawson (Lib Dem) 55; Francis Drake (Con) 120; Cyril King (Lab) 313 elected.

SUMMER LANE: Jennifer Bindon (Lib Dem) 331; Peter Crew (Con) 494 elected; Dave Dash (Lab) 294; Brian Grace (Lab) 280; David Hitchins (Con) 440 elected; Ann Withers (Lib Dem) 322.

WORLE CENTRAL: Clive Darke (Con) 446 elected; Jenny Gosden (Lib Dem) 282; Andrew Hughes (Lab) 137; Louis Rostill (UK Ind) 208.

WORLE EAST: Paula Howell (Lib Dem) 344; Philip Judd (Con) 612 elected; Frederick Parsons (Con) 503 elected; Susan Popperwell (Lab) 310; Jacqueline Scholes (Lab) 302.

WORLE SOUTH: Robert Cleland (Con) 214; Edward Keating (Lib Dem) 193; Alan Peak (Lab) 240 elected.

WORLEBURY: Stephen Bowering (Lib Dem) 383; Monish Kelly (Lab) 309; Lisa Pilgrim (Con) 882 elected; Ian Porter (Con) 846 elected; Elizabeth Swann (Lab) 370.

WYVERN: Mel Ashworth (Lib Dem) 120; John Butler (Con) 197; Tony Probert (Lab) 234 elected.

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