Empty home a ‘danger’ to children?

PUBLISHED: 09:00 22 July 2015

The house in question in Hurst Road, Weston.

The house in question in Hurst Road, Weston.


A VACANT Weston house has been described as an ‘eyesore’ and ‘dangerous’ by a neighbour – who has complained to the council on multiple occasions about the state of the property.

Ade Riley, of Hurst Road, has described an unoccupied house on the street as ‘dangerous’ to children and passers-by and has also expressed concern the house is lowering the value of other properties on the road.

Mr Riley said: “Every year for the past three years I have reported the state of the house to the North Somerset Council – but nothing changes.

“The property is an eyesore and lowers the value of other houses in the street.

“You would need to ask an estate agent how much other homes are affected – but I know one house 
on the street has been on the market for quite some time.”

Mr Riley stated one of his biggest concerns regarding the house was the danger its ‘derelict’ state could pose to children.

He said: “The road is a cul-de-sac and there are a lot of children and families who pass by with pushchairs. The size of the garden has now overtaken most of the house and the front path.

“It has a thorny rose bush, which forces pedestrians into the road and scratches children as they pass by.

“I don’t remember how long it has been unoccupied for, but I believe it has been stripped inside and the electricity supply has been interfered with.

“I am now concerned children may get into the property and the electricity could still be dangerous.

“On a social level, the area doesn’t look as if it is well cared for. It could encourage vandalism or squatters – which could potentially be a fire risk, especially given that it is a terraced house.”

A spokesman from the council told the Mercury the former owner of the house has died and the site is now going through the process of probate.

The spokesman said: “We have had a number of complaints about this property, going back some time.

“We have contacted the owner’s son about the house and have specifically asked him to clear up the garden.

“Before we consider formal action we try to have a discussion and the most recent communication was at the end of last month, when we sent a letter to the owner’s son.”

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