Why should you vote in the European elections?

Readers had their say on a controversial online peititon to revoke Article 50 Picture; Press Associ

Readers had their say on a controversial online peititon to revoke Article 50 Picture; Press Association - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Registered voters are set to go to the polls on Thursday (May 23) to decide who sit in the European Parliament – but why vote?

Despite the reluctance of many politicians to campaign for the upcoming elections in the wake of Brexit uncertainty, all the main parties have put forward candidates in the South West for seats in the European Parliament.

There are a total of 751 MEPs - seven of which come from the South West.

Those who are elected may not get a chance to take their seats if the Brexit negotiations are completed by June 30.

So, why should you vote in these upcoming elections? Here is what the parties and candidates have to say:

Change UK

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Candidate Ashley Fox said: "The Conservative Party is committed to honouring the Referendum result and leaving the European Union in an orderly manner. MEPs will be responsible for approving a deal once it is agreed by Westminster. Conservative MEPs will ensure that this deal is passed in Brussels and we leave the European Union."

English Democracy Party

Candidate Jenny Knight said: "To stand up and be counted and to make sure we have representation in the EU Parliament as legislation will affect us whilst we are still a member of the European Union.

"Voting is a democratic right that upholds our identity, decides our future and shapes our destiny."

Green Party

Candidate Molly Scott Cato said: "Regional representation in Europe is essential. The European Parliament votes on important rules and regulations which affecting the lives and livelihoods of five million people in the South West. Issues such as ensuring corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of tax to allow us to fund our public services."

Labour Party

Candidate Andrew Adonis said: "This is the most important European Election that we have ever held. Will Britain back Nigel Farage or stop him? To beat Farage and secure a People's Vote, Labour must come out on top, and every vote be will crucial. Just imagine waking up on May 27th to Farage's grin."

Liberal Democrats European Group

Candidate David Chalmers said: "It's really important for us, that we have a strong Liberal voice in the parliament and that we have MEPs working full time for us, making sure we get investment in infrastructure."

The Brexit Party

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Dr Larch Maxey, Climate and Ecological Emergency Independent

"Hundreds of examples from the Suffragettes to Extinction Rebellion make it clear: voting isn't enough. More important than voting we must support peaceful civil disobedience. We can all play our part, whatever we love to do we can do it in service to the Emergency. Do Vote, but also Rebel."

Mothiur Rahman, Independent

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Neville Seed, Independent

"While we are in the EU then we need to make it work for us by proposing policy to benefit the UK and defend against damaging policies proposed by the other EU nations. There are times when a policy can be good for all, but when it's not let's think about ourselves first. MEPs are a requirement of membership."