Ex-rehab dad found dead in toilet

A FATHER from Worle was found dead in toilets in Grove Park, Weston, after overdosing on heroin, an inquest heard

A FATHER from Worle was found dead in toilets in Grove Park, Weston, after overdosing on heroin, an inquest heard.Andrew Collins, aged 32, of Verbena Way, grew up in Birmingham but moved to a rehabilitation centre in Weston seven years ago to tackle his alcoholism.He stopped drinking and met Shelley Robbins who later became his fiancee and the mother of his 11 month old daughter.In Ms Robbins' statement the inquest heard how Mr Collins had lost his job at Christmas last year and became depressed. She said that he began drinking again and after a few months started taking heroin and would often stay away from their home for weeks.Ms Robbins said that a few weeks before his death Mr Collins had been charged with shoplifting.They fell out over his addiction and he moved out but Ms Robbins said she and her parents tried to help him and encouraged him to go back to rehab. She said: "He wanted to get clean but he felt he was in a dark hole and couldn't get out."The night before his death on April 28 this year Mr Collins slept in the garden of Shelley's mum's house. He called his parents at 7.20am the next day to ask them to transfer some money into his account to pay for a bed and breakfast as he had fallen out with his partner. His father Anthony Collins said: "He called again at 8.50am to ask if we'd transferred the money. He sounded more agitated and panicky."Mr Collins was then found dead just after 10am locked in a cubicle in the public toilets at Grove Park by one of the attendants. He had with him a syringe, a spoon and some powder. A post mortem revealed Mr Collins had died of respiratory depression due to a heroin overdose.Anthony Collins said: "I can't believe he's gone. He had everything to live for. In the last year or two he'd been happier than he'd been for a long time."Richard Whitehouse, deputy coroner for Avon, recorded a verdict of death by dependence on drugs. He said: "This clearly was a tragic waste of life of an intelligent young man, who despite his efforts failed to cure himself of his drug addiction.