North Somerset to host hot air balloon race

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta attracts thousands of visitors every year.Picture: George B

North Somerset will host the largest balloon race in Europe. - Credit: George Bladon/

North Somerset will play host to the UK's largest hot air balloon race - with balloons of all shapes and sizes flying above the district.

The race's date and launch location are being held under wraps due to Covid guidelines, but residents have been told to keep their eyes peeled.

This year will mark the 14th edition of the balloon race, with the winner decided by who can drop their markers on targets set in open countryside first.

Balloon takes off from the beach. Picture: Nick Page Hayman

The location and time of the will be withheld due to social distancing concerns. - Credit: Nick Page. Hayman.

North Somerset Council leader, Don Davies has welcomed the competition and looks forward to hosting the 'unique' event.

Cllr Davies said: “The Exclusive Cup competition in North Somerset is unique, and we are delighted to support Exclusive Ballooning to provide this extraordinary event.”

Balloons of all shapes and sizes take part in the annual event.

Exclusive Ballooning's director, Andrew Holly said: “At a time when restrictions are still in place, this mass balloon competition is something that everyone can safely enjoy from their homes.

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“Whilst we are unable to share the launch information to allow people to gather at the launch site, we think this will add to the mystique of the event and create a special experience for all to enjoy.”