‘Humanity is at risk’ as fight against climate change is brought to Weston

Climate change will be discussed at the meeting

Climate change will be discussed at the meeting - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The ‘reality and seriousness of the threat of climate change’ will be discussed at a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday).

Climate Change: Heading For Extinction (And What To Do About It) will look at how pollution is impacting the planet and what can be done in Somerset to reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

The launch, at Loves Café, will see the Weston chapter of the Extinction Rebellion (XR).

An XR spokesman said: “XR aims to bring the reality and seriousness of the threat of climate change to the attention of the media and government with demands to stop polluting the planet.

“The evidence is clear, we are in a mass extinction event and humanity is at risk.”

The free presentation will be taken by Professor Colin Davis where he will outline the issues faced and discuss the radical and challenging ways people can respond to it.

He will also discuss his recent experiences of being arrested in Bristol after taking part in some non-violent direct action.

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The spokesman added: “It is apparent climate change is making itself significantly felt on our planet and scientific experts are warning us if we do not take it seriously, we face global civilisation collapse, the deaths of huge numbers of people, vast suffering and even the possibility of extinction.

“Human activity is causing the extinction of many plant and animal species, the United Nations Environment Programme estimates 200 species are becoming extinct daily; this is more than 1,000 times the natural background rate.

“This is disastrous for the ecosystems which support life. We should not be complacent about this loss of biodiversity.”

XR Weston will be working towards encouraging North Somerset Council to follow the example of Bristol and multiple other authorities by declaring a climate emergency.

XR Weston oppose Bristol Airport’s planning proposal to vastly increase the size of the international airport.

The spokesman said: “A plan to increase air travel when we urgently should be reducing carbon emissions to prevent mass extinction is nothing less than insane.”

The meeting will be held on Thursday at Loves Café, in West Street, from 5.30-7pm.