Extinction Rebellion: Retired policeman protests in traffic

Extinction Rebellion sit-in takes place in North Somerset.

A retired Clevedon policeman took part in a coordinated Extinction Rebellion protest on May 1. - Credit: Sasha Snow

A former police officer from North Somerset has performed a peaceful protest in support of the climate emergency by sitting in traffic.

Dave Thorneywork's protest took place on May 1 when he sat on Clevedon Triangle with a sign around his neck which read "I am terrified for our children and grandchildren because nature and our climate are being destroyed."

Extinction Rebellion: Pictures from latest protest in North Somerset.

Dave stated that an 'ecological catastrophe was on its way. - Credit: Sasha Snow

More than 200 others took part in similar protests across the UK.

Mr Thorneywork said: "I have been interested in ecology and nature for a long time but two years ago I was alarmed after reading and seeing about climate change and the apparent terrible state of our wildlife,  especially our bird and insect populations. 

"We are on the brink of a climate and ecological catastrophe, far worse than anything we have seen with Covid, and we need to take urgent action now, not by 2050 or 2035.”

North Somerset Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 - pledging to become carbon neutral by 2035.

Ex policeman joins Extinction Rebellion protest.

Around 200 others joined Dave in protest across the UK for Extinction Rebellion. - Credit: Sasha Snow

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