THERE WITH YOU: Family-run businesses offering free meals and delivery for NHS workers and vulnerable customers

Hayers Meadvale store front.

Hayers Meadvale store front. - Credit: Jinder Gill

A family-run convenient store and chip shop have provided their customers with free deliveries on their shops and meals for NHS workers.

The Hayer family run the Hayer Mead Vale store, in Weston, as well as The Blue Fish Co. chip shop in Worle high street.

The owners have worked hard to ensure that shelves remain plentiful during the coronavirus pandemic and have started a delivery service to as far as Banwell, free of charge.

The Hayer family said: “We printed a leaflet with our number, offering a delivery service for the elderly and vulnerable during these bad times.”

“The whole of Weston seems to be ringing, and in a time like this you just cannot refuse.”

The Mead Vale store has been forced to amend its opening hours as the demand for essential items increases during the Government’s lockdown.

“It has gone out of control; we didn’t expect it to be anywhere near this busy. We are inundated with calls and struggling to get the stock in. We cannot keep up with it.”

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“We are not the only ones struggling to get stock in - but we have started to get stock from catering wholesalers who were supplying the leisure industry, who have stock in abundance at the moment.”

A handful of regular customers have offered their services to the store, offering to deliver orders as the demand ramps up.

The Hayer family said: “The majority of the customers have been very understanding given the circumstances.

However, it is a shame that some people try to abuse the limited items rule we’ve introduced to ensure there is enough stock for everyone.

“Those who choose to abuse our staff need to understand that the rules are there so everyone can benefit from them, we all need help.”

The family also own The Blue Fish Co, which has offered free sausage and chips for NHS workers.

However, due to the pandemic, they have been forced to shut their Worle restaurant and amend their serving hours.

Mr Hayer ended: “We are looking to make things easier for everyone at the moment. So if you can provide proof you work with the NHS then we will help you.”

If you wish to use the store’s delivery service, then contact them via the number 01934 511000.