Five tried for the murder of a father-of-two

FOUR of the men charged with murdering a father-of-two in a Weston bed-sit were described by police as just sitting in front of the body as if watching television .

FOUR of the men charged with murdering a father-of-two in a Weston bed-sit were described by police as just sitting in front of the body 'as if watching television'.

John Dunn had more than 100 injuries when he died in Acorn House in The Centre.

Sgt Dave Holtby told Bristol Crown Court that when he arrived at the murder scene the men were calmly sitting together on the bed while Mr Dunn, aged 45, was propped up against a kitchen unit and covered in blood.

The attack was thought to have broken out over a row over £12 worth of alcohol.

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Sgt Holtby said: "It was quite surreal. They were all sitting there, motionless and calm, as if watching television."

He said that as he checked for a pulse and called the paramedics, the four men 'continued to sit there unphased.'

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Richard Evans, aged 54, of Black Lane, Pill, Terence Townsend, aged 51, from Cardiff, Andrew Fuge, aged 45, of Clarendon Road, Weston, and Barry Shortt, 45, of no fixed address, deny murdering Mr Dunn at the town centre bed-sit on January 5.

Wayne Jones, aged 37, of Acorn House, The Centre, Weston, has been declared unfit to stand trial for murder, due to his mental state.

He will not be cross examined and the jury will decide whether he did commit the act or not.

If they agree he did he will be sent to hospital under a mental health order.

The defendants are all being tried at Bristol Crown Court by a jury. The trial is expected to last four weeks.

Police told the court how they had been called to the property just after 12.30am following reports of a man being stabbed.

When they entered the bed-sit they found Mr Dunn covered in wounds and bruises to the upper part of his body and propped up against some kitchen units.

Evans, Townsend, Jones and Shortt were sitting on the bed together opposite the body.

The paramedics arrived and a statement read out in court from Ian Buck, from Great Western Ambulance Trust, said: "I saw a man slumped on the floor, propped up. Four men sat on the sofa. I could see broken glass I believed to be bottles on the floor.

"I did CPR. I was concerned that the four people showed no emotion or concern. They said 'he will be alright', as if we were over-reacting."

PC Emma Teulon, who was on the scene, said the men denied knowing Mr Dunn.

She said: "They said he'd been in a fight and he didn't wish for an ambulance to be called. They said he'd only arrived about an hour before."

All four men, who were believed to have been 'very drunk', were taken to Weston Police Station.

After leaving Townsend in his cell, PC David Walker told the court Townsend had said, 'he (Dunn) was a paedophile, a dirty bastard'.

Fuge was arrested later that night from a nearby flat where he was found sleeping on a floor by the Polish occupant.

The five defendants charged sat together in the dock, looking calm and dressed casually, as they listened to witness statements.

Dunn was homeless and living in Weston hostels. He had a grandson and three brothers and after his death, his family described him as 'a fun-loving man who will be greatly missed by all his family'.

The trial continues.

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