Former soldier in gunpoint revenge attack on family

AN ARMY veteran who donned military boots and armed himself with a gun before launching a revenge attack on his family in a Weston flat has been

AN ARMY veteran who donned military boots and armed himself with a gun before launching a revenge attack on his family in a Weston flat has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.Christopher Wall herded his family into the sitting room of their home in Quantock Road at gunpoint then threatened to shoot if they phoned the police.Instead the 36-year-old, who had lived in the flat below, snapped stepmother Rosemary Wright's left leg and punched his father, Dennis, to the floor before stamping on his head.His epileptic sister, Sarah, was said to have been traumatised after Wall pointed the gun at her head.The defendant said he blamed his father and stepmother for the break-up of his relationship with partner Louise Thompson. He admitted one charge of grievous bodily harm, one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, one charge of battery and one charge of criminal damage.David Maunder, prosecuting at Bristol Crown Court, said Wall, who had a previous conviction for possessing a souvenir rocket launcher, asked Ms Thompson to leave his home because he believed she was having an affair with his father.However the woman sought temporary refuge with his parents.She was in a pub with the defendant's father when jealous Wall barged into his victim's home and grabbed his father's air rifle. Ms Wall saw the defendant arm the gun with a pellet then wait for his family to return in front of the TV.Wall stopped his sister from phoning the police and, wearing a vest top and army boots, said: "I'm going to kill dad and Rosemary tonight."Mr Maunder said: "Rosemary was first into the flat. Sarah was present and attempted to warn the family by making a gesture with her eyes that the defendant was there."He came out of the kitchen, pushed past Louise and punched his father to the left hand side of his face. There was a struggle and both went to the floor. The defendant got up and stamped on his father's head. "The defendant broke Dennis' mobile phone and smashed Rosemary's mobile against the wall to stop anyone phoning the police. After five minutes Louise was able to get to the toilet, get her mobile phone and call the police."Mr Maunder said Ms Wright remembered Wall yelling: "Anyone tries to phone the police and I will kill you all."He added: "The defendant stepped on Rosemary's leg with his Army-style boots. She felt her leg snap and felt pain."When the police arrived Wall gave himself up and held his hands out to be cuffed.Ms Wright was taken to hospital where her broken left tibia was repaired with two metal plates.Martin Lanchester, defending, said it had been a 'family in crisis' and his client wished he could change what happened.Jailing Wall for two-and-a-half years on Monday (September 3), Recorder Mr Peter Blair QC told him his behaviour had been "utterly reprehensible.

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