Former Weston journalist writes memoir with acclaimed author

Vicki FitzGerald and Mathew Crisci, Authors of Standing Still

Vicki FitzGerald and Mathew Crisci, Authors of Standing Still - Credit: Archant

A former Weston journalist has collaborated with a critically-acclaimed American author to tell her story through an inspiring memoir.

Vicki FitzGerald, aged 38, worked as a reporter before turning her hand to writing thrillers.

Vicki, whose first thriller, Briguella was set in Weston, met award-winning author Mathew Crisci at a writer’s event where he convinced her to share her life story.

Still Standing follows Vicki’s childhood and adulthood, and poignant moments of marriage, divorce, grief, depression, betrayal, violence, suicide, and a near-fatal collision.

She said: “Mathew convinced me that my story could inspire others at rock bottom. I was reluctant to share my darkest moments as mental illness isn’t openly talked about.

“After the loss of TV presenter, Caroline Flack, who was also struggling personally and ended her life, I felt that sharing emotions are important.

“If I can help inspire just one person to hold their head above water, then I’ll feel accomplished.”