Council to seek new foster carers at Weston Pride


Prospective foster parents will be urged to sign up to North Somerset Council’s programme at Weston Pride.

About 230 children in North Somerset are in foster care at any one time but a lack of carers means children can be placed outside the area.

Cllr Catherine Gibbons said: "There are still some myths around who can and can't become a foster carer and unfortunately, while they aren't true, they can put people off from making that important first step and finding out about fostering.

"The most important thing is you can provide a child or young person with a loving, safe and stable home.

"By coming forward you may help us place vulnerable young people locally, meaning they're kept close to friends, schools and other familiar sources of support."

A stand will be set up at Weston Pride and an information evening is planned for any would-be foster carers on September 5 at Costa in Oxford Street at 6.30pm.