Four-year-old's party ban

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy was branded a danger to other pupils and banned from a school Christmas play after an outburst during rehearsals.

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy was branded 'a danger to other pupils' and banned from a school Christmas play after an outburst during rehearsals.

The parents of Lukas Butler say they are disgusted with the way their child has been treated by Walliscote Primary School.

The youngster was banned from the seeing the school's junior play and from the Christmas party after the outburst.

His parents, John and Jen, who moved to Weston from Southampton last year, have now taken Lukas out of the school.

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Mr Butler, aged 35, a caretaker at Victoria Methodist Church in Station Road, said: "We were told that he was a destructive little boy after he played up while taking part in rehearsals for an alternative nativity play.

"They tried to make out he was a danger to other pupils, but he is just a four-year-old boy, he is not a danger to anyone."

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The school also reduced the hours Lukas spent in class by telling his parents he was not welcome for 9am-12noon morning sessions.

Mr Butler added: "I think the way this has been dealt with is disgusting, childish and pathetic.

"Lukas was in tears over this and when I complained my words were twisted and I was told that I was abusive, rude and that I had a bad telephone manner."

Lukas is now due to start at Mendip Green First School, around two miles away.

The couple's other son, Markus, aged three, is yet to start school.

A council spokesman said: "It would be inappropriate to discuss individual cases of pupil behaviour, but we would like to stress that Walliscote Primary School is a happy, vibrant and exciting school.

"It has improving academic results and a new headteacher determined to continue the excellent achievements already in place to take the school forward.

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