Friends of Grove Park received a visit from girl guides and rangers

Girl guides and ranger visit friends of grove park - Tara Potter

Girl guides and ranger visit friends of grove park - Tara Potter - Credit: Archant

Weston guides and rangers were invited to the bug hotel in Grove Park and were taught about environmental concerns.

The aim for the visit was to encourage the group of 21 girls to engage with nature and reduce plastic waste.

They were also taught how to create eco-bricks and were taken around the bug hotel, which is a haven for insects, by volunteers Johnny Boxshall and Rupert Landridge.

Girl guide leader, Tara Potter said: "This was an important visit for the girls to learn about what's going on in the real world.

"The girls will be creating their own eco-bricks which will be placed in the park and hopefully in their gardens at home too.

"We hope by doing this they can teach those around them."

The environmental group was delighted at the outcome of the visit, as the girls were also taught how to improve their surroundings.

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They were also joined by a member of the Cleaner Coastlines group, Debbie Apted, who talked about the problems caused by single-use plastics in Weston.

Organiser of the Grove Park group, Johnny, said he would love to see more people from the community getting involved with the project.

He said: "It's fundamental to get young children involved with nature because once they reach adulthood without that engagement with nature, there is a disconnection.

"We were happy to have the guides and rangers join us because they were able to see the work we do as a group.

"I think it's such a shame we're losing wildlife at an alarming rate but I believe this is down to our relationship with nature.

"About 75 per cent of people in the UK don't feel close to nature which is shocking but it seems it's correct.

"It is our desire to get more people involved in nature and we would love to see more groups and individuals join us as we try bring wildlife back to the area.

"We also do work alongside Avon Wildlife Trust which runs a free project every Monday for young adults between the age of 16-24 for an AQA accredited course to help young people."

To find out more information about how you can join as a volunteer, follow Friends Of Grove Park on Facebook or contact Johnny on 07973 676767.