Rewilding programme

Group of little trees growing in garden

Group of little trees growing in garden - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

As councils across the country make a conscious effort to create new habitats to enable wildlife to flourish and help address climate change as part of a rewilding programme, the residents of North Somerset are being asked their views.

Town and parish councils, community groups and invdividuals are being asked to comment on the suitability of sites already identified by North Somerset Council for rewilding and are also invited to suggest any other potential locations in their area that could make ideal sites to be included in the programme.

Councillors agreed unanimously to put a rewilding programme in place after declaring a climate emergency earlier this year. A consultation period will now run until the end of January 2020, providing the opportunity for people to have their say and register their interest in getting involved in projects in their area.

The areas selected will be potential sites for either planting trees or allowing the grass to grow taller to help increase wildlife and biodiversity. North Somerset Council is committed to planting around 50,000 young trees to provide a habitat for a wide range of wildlife, giving both food and shelter. n

To find out more about rewilding and the sites put forward by the council, suggest new sites, have your say and see a detailed map, visit