G7 Summit: Extinction Rebellion protests scheduled this week

Extinction Rebellion: Motorway protests for G7 summit

Extinction Rebellion members from Portishead, Clevedon and Pill dropped banners with climate warnings over traffic heading into North Somerset. - Credit: XR Clevedon

Extinction Rebellion groups across North Somerset have carried out synchronised protests against the G7 meeting of world leaders taking place in Cornwall on Friday.

Banners were draped over motorway bridges calling on the G7 members to take action against climate change.

G7 Summit: Extinction Rebellion to protest on eve of meeting

Members of the group are fearful for an 'ecological collapse'. - Credit: XR Clevedon

A member from Extinction Rebellion's Clevedon branch has further questioned the G7's intentions after it had vowed to take action to reduce a rise in global temperature last month.

Peter Coekin said: "Despite their countries’ recent support for fossil fuels, last month environment ministers of the G7 issued a communiqué stating they recognise the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss and will now work to implementing the Paris Agreement to keep a limit of 1.5°C temperature rise.

"But will they act?“

G7 Summit: Climate change protests in South West.

There are plans for more banners to be displayed before the G7 meeting on June 11. - Credit: XR Clevedon

The G7 summit is made up of leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. It will run for two days.

Mr Coekin added: “Our own government has a tough target for reducing carbon emissions, but its actions are the very opposite of its words.

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"It sets targets and claims to be a climate leader but its actions take us closer to climate and ecological collapse. This is worse than greenwash, it is a massive fraud and today’s young people will end up paying the price.”

Members from Portishead, Clevedon and Pill's activist groups joined forces for the G7 protest and last month a retired policeman protested in Clevedon High Street's traffic with signs tied around his neck.

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There are plans for more banners to be hung above the area's motorways on the eve of the G7 meeting (June 10) in order to raise awareness for the group's cause.

The group has said: “We have all read the articles, We have all seen David Attenborough. We know that unless we take urgent, drastic action we face catastrophe beyond our worst nightmares.

"The G7 meeting comes at a critical time and the world's future hangs on the actions of these powerful countries."