Gallery: Residents slam ‘grotty’ yobs ruining town with rubbish

PUBLISHED: 07:00 13 August 2012

Bags of Rubbish

Bags of Rubbish


VANDALS, fly-tippers and ‘grotty’ yobs are ruining Weston, piling bin-bags in the street, spraying graffiti across landmarks and smashing in storefronts.

These photographs, taken from around the town in the past week, show how piles of rubbish are creating a stench in roads throughout Weston.

Graffiti has left Grove Park and parts of the Italian Gardens covered in unsightly spray paint over the past two weekends, while buildings such as the Post Office in Regent Street have been left with smashed windows.

Weston residents first highlighted the issue at a meeting of the town centre PACT group.

Disgruntled residents pointed to streets such as Hopkins Street, Palmer Street and Alfred Street as areas affected by rubbish mess.

Mercury readers have also taken to Facebook to complain about the issue, and shared their pictures through our website.

Ian Kaye said: “There is tipping outside my flat every other day. Neighbours’ household tat, fridges, sofas, bags of smashed plasterboard, the odd bed sometimes.

“The council constantly ignore this problem and need showing up, after all... what are my taxes being spent on?”

Laura Cooper said: “Upper Church Road is always, always disgusting. No wheelie bins at all along that road just the complicated bag system.

“If the bin men took any black bag instead of insisting on only taking the grey ones I’m sure that would help.”

Paul Flynn said: “The back road behind St Georges to Wick St Lawrence always has rubbish left near the field gates. I saw a sofa once.”

Mike Harding, of Palmer Street, said: “People are putting their rubbish out too early, seagulls then get at it and it becomes a mess.”

Now North Somerset councillor John Crockford-Hawley is calling on people to take greater care of their community.

He said: “It is clearly being done by residents.

“The rubbish bags tend to get kicked around, then seagulls peck them open and foxes come down and come the morning the rubbish is strewn all over the road. It looks very untidy.

“There are a certain number of residents that don’t seem to care two hoots about cleanliness.

“It is more the grot end of the residents. It is only a small minority but it only takes one household to make the street look very untidy.

“There are certainly parts of town where the residents need to take more care.

“Equally, there are some landlords who don’t seem to care about the appearance of their properties.”

On graffiti, he added: “Zero-tolerance is absolutely essential. It should be cleaned straight away.

“Once we allow graffiti to remain then someone else comes along and adds to it. It is not street art, it’s vandalism.”

But it is not just in central Weston, as South Ward has also been blighted, according to a survey carried out by Alliance Homes.

The Street Pride survey revealed roughly a quarter of ‘environmental antisocial behaviour’ problems experienced by Alliance tenants have happened on one small part of the Bournville estate.

Of 333 incidents reported across North Somerset, 94 happened in the centre of the Bournville, comprising just 387 properties.

Across the four blocks of Bournville estate properties, totalling 1,401, there were 129 incidents in total. On the Oldmixon estate, there were 69 incidents recorded, including 19 fly-tipping and 16 rubbish incidents.

Only two incidents were reported from the town centre’s 115 Alliance Homes properties, while 16 were in Milton and 20 in Worle.

The problems were highlighted by surveyed residents and by community wardens patrolling the area.

Alliance will use the information to target the hotspots and has already pledged to increase its number of ‘street wardens’ from two to five.

North Somerset Council has confirmed it is looking into rubbish problems in some of the affected roads, announcing it will make letter drops to households.

Antisocial behaviour case worker for the authority Tom Marshall said in an email sent to PACT members that North Somerset Council is aware of the issue and will re-label recycling stations as well as letter-drop those living in Hopkins Street to remind them of collection days.

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