Girls 'molested' in cafe kitchen

THE owner of a Weston cafe molested four young waitresses as he squeezed past them in his tiny kitchen, a jury has heard. Andreas Kritikos allegedly grabbed

THE owner of a Weston cafe molested four young waitresses as he squeezed past them in his tiny kitchen, a jury has heard.Andreas Kritikos allegedly grabbed the teenage girls by their hips and pressed his groin against them.He was said to have greeted one girl with a lingering kiss on her first day and later rubbed his private parts in front of her.The 70-year-old, who owns the Camellia Cafe in St James Street, was also alleged to have rubbed his hand down one girl's leg before calling her his honey and telling her he loved her.Kritikos denies three charges of indecent assault and five charges of sexual assault. The offences, against some of the cafe's former temporary staff, were said to span four years.Rupert Lowe, prosecuting at Bristol Crown Court, told how he 'touched up' the young girls.He said his first victim was a 13-year-old girl."She got a job at the Camellia Cafe. While she was working there he would take every opportunity of pushing up against her, putting his hands on her waist. "It was plainly sexual and she didn't like it."Giving evidence, the girl said Kritikos had told her to wear a skirt above the knee and stopped her from wearing a top underneath her transparent shirt.Describing one incident she said: "One day I was taking plates into the kitchen. He would push up against me when there was enough room to walk through. He put his hands on my waist, my hips and pushed himself up against me, his lower body."Mr Lowe said the defendant then abused a 14-year-old girl."She found when she was in the kitchen Mr Kritikos would put both hands on her bottom as he walked past, completely unnecessarily. He would try to put his hand up her skirt. He touched her breasts outside her clothes."Telling how Kritikos greeted one waitress on her first day at work, Mr Lowe said: "He greeted her by giving her a kiss on the cheek and a rather lingering kiss she thought. "He got an apron and wanted to tie it on himself. She could feel him pressing up against her. When she was working she could see he was rubbing himself. At the end of her shift he put his hands on her shoulders and licked her left ear. He said 'girls like. Don't you like?' She didn't like," said Mr Lowe.Kritikos last alleged victim was said to be a 15-year-old girl who he touched on her bottom in the kitchen."He would get himself close to her and get excited. He tried to kiss her and rub her bottom. He said 'you are my honey' and 'I love you, I fancy you'."When the defendant was arrested and interviewed he said the allegations were 'all lies'.The trial continues.

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