Gran hopes Big Brother Pete stays off the buns

A CONGRESBURY grandma is keeping her fingers crossed this summer - to see if her grandson wins Big Brother

A CONGRESBURY grandma is keeping her fingers crossed this summer - to see if her grandson wins Big Brother.Doreen Stephenson and her husband Brian are tuning into Channel 4 each evening to watch their grandson Pete compete for the coveted £100,000 BB prize.Doreen said: "We are very proud of him and hope he wins, but we will just have to wait and see what happens."Pete, who is the eldest of the couple's grandchildren, often stayed in Congresbury during the summer holidays while his mum Anne, a musician who has played with the likes of The Communards, Manic Street Preachers and Alison Moyet, was on tour.He also went to the Glebe Infants School for six weeks during one of his stays, where he made friends with many of the local children.Doreen said: "Pete made friends while he was here."He also used to like feeding the ducks on the River Yeo."Pete, who is described on the Big Brother website as an unemployed rock n roll singer and cartoonist, suffers with Tourette's Syndrome."Pete was always a fidget," said Doreen."If we went out I used to put my hand on his legs to stop them from flicking about."He wasn't diagnosed until he was 14-years-old."Because of his condition, people often don't understand him because he just used to shout out and twitch."But we are hoping that by going on Big Brother people will understand more about Tourette's and its symptoms."That was one of the main reasons he wanted to go on the show, to raise awareness about the condition."Doreen, aged 69 and Brian, 71, last saw Pete, who lives in Brighton with his pet hamster Magic, at Christmas 2004 when he popped into their Congresbury home.But during his childhood stays and his visits during his teenage years, his musical talents started to shine through.Doreen said: "We used to go to The Bell Inn pub for karaoke."Pete would get up and sing 'I'm a Twisted Firestarter' by The Prodigy. He also loved singing anything by Queen."All the locals knew him and some even sung with him."Doreen also still has a number of pictures which Pete - a keen artist - drew her as a child."He used to draw lots of pictures and was really good," said Doreen."I still have some of his pictures here now from years ago."And it's not just links with Congresbury which the BB housemate enjoys.His uncle Pete also lives in Weston-super-Mare and his uncle Tony and auntie Helen live in Bristol."There are a few people in the village who know Pete is my grandson," said Doreen."It has been a bit of a talking point."So what does Doreen think are her grandson's chances of winning the Big Brother crown?"Pete has always entertained us," she said."He used to be very quiet, but once he comes out of his shell, he is a livewire."I am sure Pete will do well as long as no one gives him a bun with currants in for his tea."He used to hate them and when he stayed with us, used to spend hours picking them out!

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