July 19: What changes has the Grand Pier made?

Weston Grand Pier.

The Grand Pier has announced what changes visitors will have to follow post-July 19's freedom day. - Credit: Zest Mortgage Brokers

The Grand Pier has confirmed it will keep most of its social distancing measures in place after July 19's easing of coronavirus restrictions, advising that visitors wear a face mask.

Staff at the seafront attraction will also keep working with face coverings and protective screens in an attempt to reduce the spread of Covid.

The one-way system which was introduced to ensure social distancing has gone and so has a cap on groups of six entering the pier.

Director of the pier, Michelle Michael, told the mercury that she expects a 'fantastic summer' but that the Grand Pier's main goal is to keep its customers safe.

She said: "We will not be changing much in phase four of the lockdown roadmap, aside from the one-way system.

"Our main priority is still to keep all our guests safe and we hope to enjoy a fantastic summer by doing so."

People will continue to be encouraged to use the NHS track and trace app to identify close contacts and enhanced cleaning procedures will be carried out on rides.

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Ms Michael added: "All our rides are back in use other than Robocoaster, which is closed for maintenance.

"We have also reopened our children's soft play area for the first time since lockdown took place."

Weston-super-Mare Grand Pier to keep face masks.

Some of the rules that the Grand Pier will enforce post-July 19. - Credit: Grand Pier

Previously, the Grand Pier announced it would stage weekly music gigs for guests, with the first taking place this weekend on Saturday.

Retro Electro will pay homage to the 1980s and its music, and the pier's director expects many more favourites to come this summer.

Ms Michael added: "These weekly events will be great and there will be a range of things for people to enjoy.

"The first, Retro Electro, is being staged by Concierge UK in our Great Hall venue."

For more information on the events being held by the Grand Pier, visit www.grandpier.co.uk/events/all-events

The attraction's Covid rules and social distancing guidelines can be found by logging on to www.grandpier.co.uk

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