Grand Pier introduces 'digital pier currency' card

Grand Pier fun card kiosk

Weston's Grand Pier has introduced its digital Fun Card which allows customers to pay for rides and store prize tickets. - Credit: Grand Pier

The Grand Pier has announced it will introduce a pre-payment card guests can use to access rides, buy items at the pier's stores and store prize tickets.

Weston's flagship attraction states that the Fun Card will come into use immediately and that paper prize tickets will be 'a thing of the past' as it improves its carbon footprint.

Grand Pier arcade

The Grand Pier says paper tickets will be 'a thing of the past'. - Credit: Grand Pier

Ride and attractions director, Tim Moyle, revealed the Fun Card has been in the pipeline for a long time due to guests carrying cash less frequently. 

Mr Moyle said: “I have been wanting to put something like this in play for quite some time now.

"With people being less likely to carry cash on them these days, it made absolute sense to introduce our own digital ‘pier currency’ card.

"The idea is simple, make things easier, safer and more rewarding for our visitors while also going ‘greener’.

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"Visitors will no longer have to carry round and convert their old-fashioned stream of paper prize tickets.

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"Instead, those with Fun Cards can elect to scan them to their card."

You can preload your Fun Card safe and securely online, at the gift shop situated on the first floor or use the site's latest self-service kiosks to receive bonus credits.

Mr Moyle added: "In the future, we will be offering big rewards and more discounts for Fun Card members.

"The applications for this card are endless, it is an exciting time.”

Grand Pier

The Fun Card can be used on all rides and machines with this pay pad. - Credit: Grand Pier

The Grand Pier recently announced that it would be extending the catchment area eligible for free entry to postcodes in Clevedon and Axbridge.

You can get your Fun Card on your next visit to the Grand Pier at the cost of a £1 refundable deposit.

However, if you choose to keep and register your card, you will receive future offers and deals all year round.

The card's bonus credit system currently works so that each £10 added to the card gains the owner a bonus credit to be used on rides and machines on the pier.

This continues up to the amount of £50.