The Grand Pier honours NHS workers in touching tribute

The Grand Pier shines Blue in support of the NHS.

The Grand Pier shines Blue in support of the NHS. - Credit: Grand Pier

North Somerset’s coastline will shine blue to honour the NHS

Weston’s famous Grand Pier is honouring the work of the NHS and other essential workers during the pandemic.

The seaside attraction has been transformed into a blue beacon every night as a show of recognition and appreciation to front-line workers.

The Grand Pier closed its doors on March 20 and has remained locked down since then.

Director of the Grand Pier, Michelle Michael said: “We wanted to let all the key workers in our area know that we are very aware that they are sacrificing so much in order to keep the rest of us safe, and we can’t

express just how grateful we are.”

Other famous landmarks across the UK have been bathed in blue light, including the London Eye.

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Michelle added: “The least we can do is to bathe our pavilion in blue light, so any people carrying out essential roles can see it on their way to and from their work, and will know that their efforts are so appreciated.”

“But also, we didn’t just want to make this gesture on a Thursday night, when so many people are taking to their doorsteps, gardens and balconies to clap in appreciation.”

The Clap for Carers ritual has become a staple for many neighbourhoods during the Government’s lockdown.

The event takes place from 8pm every Thursday as members of the public take to their doorsteps and applaud the NHS and key workers for their hard work throughout this pandemic.

Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab confirmed on April 16 that the UK will undergo a further three weeks in lockdown to help ease the strain placed on the NHS, a message repeated recently by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Michelle added: “It was with great sadness that we had to close the pier until further notice, but as the Prime Minister said this week, while the lockdown and social distancing measures are extremely difficult for many people, they are making a difference.”

“We can’t wait to re-open our gates and welcome people back to the Grand Pier but the most important thing of all right now is that everyone plays their part in beating this virus.”

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