Grand Pier offers 'a safe place' for people at night

Weston Grand Pier.

Grand Pier staff say they were affected by the Sarah Everard case. - Credit: Zest Mortgage Brokers

The owners of Weston's Grand Pier have declared it a 'safe place' for people to go for support if they are feeling vulnerable in the town.

Bosses are keen to support the community following the death of Sarah Everard, and mounting concern about the safety of women on the streets.

The Grand Pier's head of operations confirmed the pier's 24-hour security team is available for anyone in need of help.

Sarah Everard: Grand Pier offers shelter for people at night.

The Grand Pier has declared itself a 'safe place' for residents at night. - Credit: Ben Lewis

Remy Haudecoeur said: "At the pier, we always try to help and support the community.

"We have all been very affected by Sarah Everard's story and thought about what we could do to help prevent this from happening again to anyone feeling frightened or vulnerable.

"As we have 24-hour security on the pier, we thought anyone in danger could be offered a safe place to wait for a friend, family member or a taxi."

Staff hope other businesses will follow suit.

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Remy added: "We hope that other businesses in the town centre will also join us to offer a safe place. We believe little things like this can help our community. No one should feel insecure at night when walking home."

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