Grieving family devastated after baby son Jack’s grave is ‘destroyed by vandals’

Baby Jack's mum, Caroline Taylor

Baby Jack's mum, Caroline Taylor - Credit: Archant

A grieving mum is devastated after discovering her baby’s grave was vandalised in Weston Crematorium.

Baby Jack's mum, Caroline Taylor

Baby Jack's mum, Caroline Taylor - Credit: Archant

Caroline Taylor, from Pill, lost her son Jack, late in her pregnancy 15 years ago. She says her son’s grave has been completely destroyed, and hopes by speaking out she can raise awareness and also appeal for any witnesses.

She said: “My son Jack was born sleeping – my baby didn’t have a chance in life, so this is his resting place, my grieving place.

“I want people to be vigilant, especially when the cemetery is closed. The fence has been knocked down and anyone can get in, especially at night.

“I contacted the crematorium and they said they would call the next morning, I ended up calling them myself and they hadn’t heard about the incident. I’m waiting to hear from them directly.”

Baby Jack grave in Weston cemetry destroyed by vandals

Baby Jack grave in Weston cemetry destroyed by vandals - Credit: Archant

The incident has been reported to the police and crematorium, but Caroline says she feels alone, due to a lack of communication from crematorium staff, and the police closing the case, pending witnesses coming forward.

Caroline added: “This doesn’t just affect me, Jack’s two brothers also saw the vandalism and were mortified, asking if this will happen again.”

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Dignity manages Weston Crematorium, in Ebdon Road, on behalf of North Somerset Council.

Steve Gant, crematoria director of The Crematorium & Memorial Group, which is part of Dignity, said: “We are really sorry for any distress that Ms Taylor has experienced.

“We will investigate the CCTV options that are available to us for use outside of opening hours.

“We have not received any other reports of vandalism and such incidents in cemeteries are thankfully rare.

“From the photographs we cannot draw any conclusions to what’s happened. However, it’s not unusual for ornaments made of glass, plastic or ceramics to be damaged by cold or windy weather if they are exposed for a period of time.”

Crematorium gardeners and office staff have been advised to remain vigilant.

Caroline added: “I’d like to thank everyone who has contacted me and donated things to put on Jack’s grave.

“I’m very humbled, it’s nice to see not everyone is cruel, and there are some lovely genuine people out there.”

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